Arabic Language at SPIA

A language spoken by more than 400 million people and recognized by the UNITED NATIONS is worth being taught on any merit, be it faith or business. Arabic is much more than a spoken language. ARABIC is a culture. Nations are based on the language. The language is the power house of the fastest growing faith in the world. ARABIC is a Miracle. Arabic is one of the world’s great languages. The vehicle of many significant contributions to the development of science and culture, from the earliest odes of the pre-Islamic poets through to the cutting-edge research of the philosophers and mathematicians of Islam’s golden age. SPIA takes great pride to teach ARABIC as a language. The students broaden their horizon, understand the root word of many modern English words, from Admiral to Monsoon and primarily, establish a strong connection with the Divine Quran.


Value Education at SPIA

In today’s times of declining morals and extinct values, students face major dilemma when making a life changing decision. Value education addresses how to behave while in the society, while also building a positive character of a person. While other subjects target towards a very specific branch of an education, value education doesn’t have any fix course. It can vary from person to person depending on what he perceives a child should know to become a valuable member of this society. At SPIA, the emphasis is on real life practical aspects of morals. We take examples from the lives of great men, add life skills and use activity based learning to enhance the impact of Value Education in a students life. The areas that come under value-based education are as follows: – Character development. – Personality development. – Citizenship education. – Spiritual development.



Each child is different and SPIA recognises that. We understand and believe that each child progresses at their own pace and needs to be challenged appropriately. Which is why, even at the pre-primary level, we follow a specifically designed curriculum that caters to this belief. Students enjoy learning through a variety of media. They indulge in art, dramatic play, poetry and rhymes, reading, and sensory play through blocks and sand. The staff in the pre-primary level is especially nurturing, sensitive, and responsive, and helps ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for the students.


Primary Wing

Even at the primary level, CAIE provides a very detailed teaching framework for English, Science, and Mathematics. Following this framework ensures competency in the respective subjects as the teaching and learning is application based, as opposed to the mere ingestion of information. The English curriculum focuses on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills all at the same time. The mathematics framework lays emphasis on the application of mathematical knowledge while focusing on principle, pattern, system, function, and relationship. Science covers four context areas- ideas, evaluation, evidence, planning in all three science subjects. CAIE provides resources and guidance for planning, curriculum implementation, and support for classroom teaching.