Introducing the March Newsletter

Your chance to be a reporter, writer, and editor!

SPIS recognizes and appreciates young talented mind. This newsletter is an effort to broadcast and motivate such talents. The SPIS Times is a space to stage all the wonderful talents of the members of the SPIS family. Read along to know more!

The first issue of The SPIS Times welcomes you to get a taste of the newsletter which would be published on a quarterly basis across an academic year.

Each edition will be a theme based publication. The SPIS Times is an initiative to encourage writing and make reading a recreational activity for everyone.

This newsletter welcomes articles, poems, sketches, reports, photographs and any other contribution by the SPIS family. The students, parents, and teachers will

be invited to share their creative work for the content of this newsletter.

Every Issue of SPIS Times will share its theme for the upcoming publication. The enthusiastic writers, photographers, and artists will have three months to create

and submit their content for the newsletter.

The SPIS Times is an initiative to encourage writing and make reading a recreational activity for everyone.

The newsletter is divided into various content spaces which will take you on a journey of the news, entertainment, and achievements of SPIS. Anyone who is a part of this growing family is welcome to subscribe to this newsletter (find the subscription form on the last page). This is a platform for our parents, students, and teachers to know each other closely.


Crossing a milestone

Congratulations to the evolving family of SPIS! We are proud of our young achievers who have crossed another milestone this academic year.

Another chapter unfolds as we step into the refreshing and promising session of 2018- 2019. A mini multimedia auditorium and an indoor sports room have been introduced this year. The infrastructural development has had successful outcomes as we welcome the new session.

Growing Together!

Shepherd’s Path International School is witnessing various infrastructural developments as it welcomes the new academic session of 2018- 2019.


When a simple yearly whitewash plan transformed into a well-paneled reception area, the school initiated the development of a new infrastructural plan.


A well lit up play area for the primary school children found its beautiful space in the basement. The children enjoyed a fun-filled photo shoot as the school invited a professional team to capture the interior enhancements and priceless expressions of joy! The children played their first football match at the school on 23rd February 2018 in the sports area.

Upcoming Events

SPIS initiated certified development training which is open for registration to parents, teachers and other individuals in the locality. SPIS EMPOWER NOW is an initiative by the Shepherd’s Path International School to empower the youth through internationally acclaimed development training programs at a low fee cost. Through this program, the institute initiates an effort to empower:

▪ First stage learners of English language
▪ Adult learners who wish to improve their English language skills
▪ Individuals entering the multinational service sector
▪ Professionals who are intermediate English language learners

Why Spis Empower Now

  • ISO certified Program
  • Internationally qualified trainer
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Budget-friendly fee structure
  • Free assessment


Exams at the end of the academic session can create an uninvited stressful environment for the parent as well as the child. While children find it difficult to cope with the stress, parents find the situation as a difficult one to tackle. From the well- being of the student, their focus shifts to working towards an A+ on the report card. The individual needs of the student are sometimes diffused in the stressful environment where the parents are striving for an A+, at times more enthusiastically than the student!

Shepherd’s Path International School focuses on the needs-based education which is easily attainable in our education system. The school being the second home and teachers being the closest mentors to the students are trained and qualified to realize the individual needs of the student. Every child’s individual potential is understood and nurtured at SPIS to make her or him an expert in their passion. The way the parents cope with the examination stress is an

important aspect of the well- being of the child.

Parenting tips during exam time:
-Don’t sweat the small stuff – Your kids are already too stressed for the exams. Nagging because of small issues will only deteriorate their potential to perform well.
-Talk about realistic expectations – Every parent wants the best for their children but the “wants” may often overlook the interest and potential of the child. Not every kid can play basketball well and same is the case with academics. It is productive to have realistic and achievable expectations for your child. We don’t want her or him to graduate next year!

-Help make time for exercise during exam preparation – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. Who would want that? Physical fitness plays an important role in enhancing the mental health of the children as well as the parents.

-Don’t compare your children with others – As said earlier, every child has different interests and potentials. Comparing every child with yours will not bring any good results, in fact, it will affect their moral which may lead to personality development concerns.

-Group study makes learning fun – Not allowing your kids to meet their friends during exams is quite unfair. Studies show that friends who study together are able to grasp knowledge easily. So cook some evening snacks and invite your child’s friends for group studies!

-Don’t discuss a bad paper – Let bygones be bygones. If your child has not been able to attempt the exam well, let it be. You cannot go back in time and change things. Make your child fearless and help her or him know that they have your support.

-Eat together – A family that eats together, stays together. While eating together, it is important not to discuss studies. Talk about events, laugh, share things and make the most out of that meal time.

The points above are not mandatory for examination time. Parents following them on a regular basis will not only initiate a stress-free environment for their children but also help them explore their interests and passions in life.

Handling the Smart Ones…

Some children are hardwired to disturb the peace at home or school but their unusual energies take them to high places later.

What could be the reason behind some kids being difficult at school and at home: ADHD, a creative personality, a highly sensitive nature, oppositional defiant disorder, a learning disability, a mood disorder or a subclinical phenomenon? Giving a name to a concern can be relieving as a teacher as well as a parent. However, the diagnosis is just the primary stage. Customizing a remedy for each child and family is essential for reasons that are broad enough to be listed.

We fail to acknowledge that destructive, demanding children can become fantastic contributors later in life. A troublemaker who takes over the classroom may become an energetic CEO one day whereas a recluse may become an artist. How were you as a child? Has it ever crossed your mind that a particular behavioral “concern” for your parents at one point in time has now beautifully shown its potential in your achievements? Give that a thought…

The enthusiastic and overwhelmed inner life in some children drag them away from social interactions. So if your child is hibernating over the weekend maybe it isn’t as bad as you think. Life is hard for kids who don’t comply or fit in. They, unfortunately, may not be given a preference from family members or friends, which can lead to self-doubt subtle rejections.

So how can you help your child protect her or his spirit and cope with expectations so that they do not alienate family members or peers?

Understanding and managing your own inner reactions will help you figure out what to do.

Be honest with yourself when you understand who your child really is.
Explore support for her or his strengths. Understand that your child is a gift of the new generation and has brought immense wisdom to share with you. If you think you need a special needs helping hand, reach out to the special needs center at the school. Gone are the days when there was a stigma attached to special needs education. Reach out, have a chat with the instructor, you would be amazed to know how brilliantly the children evolve from their shell and explore exceptional heights after sessions at the special education center

Communicate about how it is going. Listen to what your child says and observe where there is discomfort while expressing. This will help you reach out to them comfortably. Being heard goes a long way because when a child feel accepted about what she or he is communicating, she or he is more motivated to comply without feeling controlled.

Be at peace with not doing what everyone around you is doing. Help your child respect, honor and embrace their differences.

Reward your child with shared experiences, like a movie or day visit with a parent. Sharing what they like to do with them can help cement a strong identity.