Welcome to Shepherds Path International Academy. Thank you for stopping by our website to know more about our school and all that we have to offer. At SPIA, we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and intellectually challenging environment that provides our students with opportunities to develop their knowledge, confidence, self-esteem, and life skills through a variety of mediums. Our teachers work hard to make their classrooms stimulating and interactive learning environments where technology is used extensively to aid the knowledge sharing process.  Besides focusing on academics, we also lay great emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities like cricket, football, and drama, all of which contribute to the holistic development of a child. At SPIA we believe in value-based education that focuses on integration, tolerance, harmony, and kindness, and our special needs center, Inayah, is a testament to that. We encourage you to visit our school and see that we are an institution dedicated to its students. You will find here an enthusiastic community of teachers and learners, and other staff members that are vital components in our students’ educational journey. Your interest in the school will be met with great zeal and warmth.

Sincerely yours,
—Dr. Tabassum Nizami


We believe in creating a culture within the school where our parents and students know us, like us and, most importantly, trust us. Our teachers know their students well and encourage each of them to reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations.  We want every student here to have the opportunity to learn about themselves, the world and to shape and develop the role they will play in the future. We are a busy, caring and supportive school, which values praise, enjoyment, respect and honesty in all we do. We at school try to provide chances for the students to develop outside of the classroom, particularly in skills of confidence, teamwork and leadership.

— Mr. Yasser Siddiqui