Shepherd’s Path International Academy

Shepherd’s Path International Academy was established in 2014 as a faith-based school with the aim to provide good quality education, academic and moral, to the next generation.

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Our difference

Shepherd’s Path International Academy started with the primary objective of providing quality education with a solid Islamic base and in an Islamic environment.

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Shepherds Path International School
Shepherds path international school

Academic Excellence

A curriculum that focuses not just on theoretical knowledge, but also on the development of practical and analytical skills.

Shepherds path international school

Value Education

Value-based holistic education grounded in respect, politeness, virtue, and morality.

Shepherds path international school

Intellectual Development

Emphasis on overall development through ports, self-defense, literary and cultural activities.

Making A Difference

Developing global citizens who understand and respect diverse cultural, racial, and religious heritages.